Home Water Softeners Florida

Home Water Softeners Florida

Hard water is an uncomfortable problem. It’s not just your skin that suffers from a constant drying out of natural oils, it’s also your clothes and any machines that have water flowing through them such as washing machines and dishwashers. A build-up of minerals on the surface of electrical elements also has the effect of increasing energy use and super concentrating the mineral element of the water. When all things are considered, it makes so much sense to treat the water as it flows into your home to prevent all these health, economic and practical issues. Fitting a home water softener is a total solution many people are turning to today.
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Kinetico Has a Home Water Softener for You.

It doesn’t matter how large your living space is, Kinetico has a water softener system that’s right for you. The range starts with the Compact System. It’s small, smart, performs exceptionally well and is designed for smaller living spaces or offices. The next step up is the Twin Tank system, which has been designed for the treatment of well water, in particular, to remove elements such as iron and manganese. The largest unit is the Quad Tank system, which refines and filters water down to an exceptionally low level, removing contaminants such as chlorine as it operates. All systems are non-electric, operated by Kinetico’s patented turbine system. They also incorporate sophisticated self-maintenance features, ensuring your whole home water system runs efficiently 24/7.

With Aqua Pro You’re Getting More Than Just a Home Water Softener.

If you are fortunate enough to be living on the Panhandle and you’re looking for a Kinetico water softener system, then at some point you’re going to meet up with Aqua Pro, possibly Kinetico’s most talked about dealership. The Jones twins, Charles and Bragg, started their business at the age of 18. They had a strong desire to build a respected business helping people improve their water supply quality through the Kinetico range of equipment. They were the youngest team Kinetico had ever granted a dealership and have gone on to win the Fastest Growing Dealership award in 2019 & 2021. Testimony to the fact that they do a quality job and look after their customers.
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Try Before you Buy Your Water Softener System.

To try and ensure that all Aqua Pro’s customers are happy with their Kinetico home water softener, a set of offers have been put in place to protect the customer and help them buy with confidence. The first is a FREE water test. Give us a call and we’ll arrange for one of our team to visit your home and test your supply. This way you can see for yourself the condition of your existing water and then decide if one of the Kinetico systems is right for you. The second offer is a 90-day performance guarantee.

Experience the Difference with a Kinetico Home Water Softener.

Should you decide to go ahead with a water softener system, and it does not perform as it should, you’re covered. Get in touch today, we’ll come over to see you and get your water tested. Peace of mind is just a call away.