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Salt Free Kinetico Water Conditioner In Florida

Our salt-free water conditioners for the entire house offer a straightforward solution to minimize limescale accumulation in your home, all without the need for salt or a regeneration cycle.

Our salt-free water conditioners for the entire house provide a straightforward solution to mitigate the effects of hard water without relying on salt, in contrast to traditional water softeners.

Preventing Scale Buildup: They effectively reduce the deposition of hardness in appliances that heat water and safeguard hot water pipes and fixtures from the accumulation of scale.

Enhanced Appliance Efficiency: These conditioners contribute to the improved performance, extended lifespan, and economical operation of water-using appliances by preventing the issues typically associated with scale buildup. This, in turn, reduces the frequency of repairs or replacements.

Non-Electric Operation: They operate reliably without the need for timers or computers, eliminating the hassle of setting, adjusting, repairing, or replacing electronic components.

Salt-Free Operation: There's no requirement to add salt, and no brine water is discharged into the drain. Despite eliminating the negative impact of hard water on your home, the water feels the same during bathing. You can continue using soaps and shampoos as usual.


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Salt-Free Water Conditioner replacement tank to protect from scale buildup. low maintenance, and does not require electricity, drainage for wastewater, or heavy bags of salt to lug around.

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