Whole Home Filtration


Everybody has different water needs. Whether you’re wanting water filtration for your whole house or just at your kitchen sink we have custom filtration solutions that handle every water problem.

Drinking Water Systems

Water that has been filtered to its purest state, so you can use it for your drinking and cooking.

Whole House Systems

Water that looks, feels, and tastes better improves everything from bathing to laundry.

Whole House Systems vs Drinking Water Systems: What’s The Difference?

Professional water treatment for your home is one system in two parts.
Whole House System:

A point of entry system is plumbed into the water line coming into your house where it can then treat all the water going into your home.

Our unique whole house water systems are designed to remove a wide range of water contaminates including chlorine, iron, sulfur, total dissolved solids, and many more.

Drinking Water System:

The drinking water system is a point-of-use system, meaning it only treats a portion of your whole house water. Typically it goes under a sink, crawlspace, or garage depending on your plumbing.

Our most common point-of-use system is the Kinetico K5 reverse osmosis drinking water system, which is used for your drinking and cooking. It would also eliminate you from having to buy expensive, questionable quality, and environmental polluting bottled water.

Why Would I Need Both?

While having one or the other isn’t necessarily better or worse, it all depends on your unique water needs.

The whole house system is used for laundry, bathing, and everything water touches in your home. This makes your clothes last longer, decreases the amount of soap you use, leaves your skin and hair feeling softer, and also increases the life of your water using appliances.

The drinking water system filters your water 10,000x finer than a whole house system, because the best quality water should be used to drink and cook with. Eliminating you from buying bottled water, and providing high-quality H2O to your family.