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K-5 Drinking Water Systems In Florida

Guaranteed to decrease harmful drinking water contaminants by up to 99%. Backed by a robust 10-year warranty. Requires minimal maintenance. Offers the highest flow rates to ensure a constant supply of water. The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station is your ultimate and final investment in a drinking water system.

QuickFlo® Technology: The K5 employs QuickFlo® technology to provide a robust and consistent stream of high-quality water whenever you need it. In fact, the K5 produces water more efficiently and rapidly than any comparable system, ensuring you never have to ration or wait for your water supply.

99% Contaminant Removal: The K5 excels in reducing a greater number of contaminants compared to other drinking water treatment units. It holds certification from WQA to NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for PFOS/PFOA removal. Additionally, it is NSF Protocol P231 certified for eliminating bacteria, cysts, and viruses.

Customizable Filtration: Each K5 drinking water system is equipped with 5 customizable filter slots, offering over 10 different filter options. This customization allows us to tailor the system to address your specific water contaminants while reintroducing beneficial minerals.

EverClean® Rinse: With EverClean® Rinse, the K5 utilizes high-quality water for self-cleaning, ensuring the system remains in optimal condition and extending the life of the membrane. This eliminates the need to change the filter for a minimum of 10 years.

Exclusive Features: Additional features such as the MACguard® Filter and PureMometer® Filter Life Indicator inform you when it's time for filter changes, preventing the filters from being used beyond their capacities. Quick-disconnect filter cartridges make the process of changing filters quick and effortless.

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