Commercial Solutions
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Commercial Water Systems

From Commercial Water Softeners to Reverse-Osmosis To Deionization, We Do It All

We have helped hundreds of businesses fix their water, saving them time and money.

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Commercial Reverse Osmosis

When high-purity water is needed at high volumes we have just what you need. The reverse osmosis filtration is the best against micro-contaminants like viruses and bacteria. It also is the best protector against salts and micro-contaminants.


Commercial Water Softeners

Our line of Kinetico commercial softeners can handle whatever hardness or scale reduction demand your business needs. Whether it is for a kitchen or your entire building we can design a system for you.

carbon filter

Carbon Filtration Systems

Designed for the reduction of bad taste, odors, and dissolved organic material from municipal and industrial water supplies. The most common application is the removal of free chlorine from water supplies.


Treated Water Storage

Having the ability to store purified water will insure that you can meet demand during peak times. We have a wide range of sizes, and they are all NSF approved.

Commercial Irrigation Treatment

Say Goodbye To Rust Stains From Your Irrigation System.

Kinetico's CP Series filtration systems are highly efficient systems which are designed to be environmentally responsible. These systems are completely configurable based on volume and application requirements, and will provide the stain free water you need from your irrigation system. Our systems solve the problem of rust stained homes, fences, driveways and walkways. You work hard on your landscaping and lawn. Our irrigation filtration systems work hard for you.

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