Which Water Filtration System is Best for Drinking Water?

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Which Water Filtration System is Best for Drinking Water?

We all look for a simple, one-stop solution to life’s little issues, but in many cases, it is not that straightforward. Your drinking water is a case in point. This is among the most fundamental aspects of everyday life, and it’s something that sets the Earth apart from other planets and celestial bodies out there. We have water.

If you are thinking of getting a water filtration system, there must be a reason, and what system you get must be targeted to resolve the issue.

Remember, even municipal water comes from the wild, from what originally came down as rain before eventually finding its way into the tender care of scientists who devote their lives to restoring water to its pristine condition, or at least a harmless state. Water purification is a noble calling and there are professional companies who take just as much pride as government departments in giving us the best possible H2O. 

Is your issue a question of taste and smell, which is spoiling your drinks and even your cooking? It might not be a health-threatening matter, but there is quality of life to be considered, and everyone is entitled to the simple pleasure of a cup or glass of something that tastes and smells of what it’s supposed to, not what some underground water source has tainted it with. There are plenty of options available because millions of Americans are thinking about water quality just like you are, and when there is a demand for something, the innovators get their thinking caps on. What we can do here is go through some basics.

Chlorine smell and taste

This one is relatively easy. If you’re sure your water is fine in all other respects, you can get one of those transparent jugs with a replaceable carbon filter that slots into the upper section and through which the tap water seeps, emerging with no chemical smell and the general impression of being as pure as a mountain stream (even if only professional analysis can tell you if that is true). So, on the face of it, this is a cheap, quick, and easy fix.

Rotten egg/sulfur smell

This is, unfortunately, quite a common problem with well water, and finding a well water filter to install yourself is possible but can be quite expensive. In addition, it may not be the answer to all your water taste/smell issues. Rather than making a purchase that could turn out to be less effective than you need, it is better to get your water tested and have it treated professionally.

Fluoride, lead, salt, sediment, arsenic, pesticides and others

Yes, that’s quite a list and it’s by no means all the impurities and contaminants you might come up against in your drinking water. The solution here is called reverse osmosis, and it’s a professionally installed and managed water system that takes the guesswork and risk out of the process.

Let’s face it, if there are substances such as arsenic that could be coming into your home, you can’t afford to mess around: this water purification business needs to be taken seriously and a whole-house reverse osmosis system is what you need.