What is the Best Reverse Osmosis System?

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What is the Best Reverse Osmosis System?

You can buy almost anything online these days, but it’s very much a take-it-or-leave-it situation. They will give you a load of technical specifications, but who are you going to talk to for advice? You’re in danger of getting blinded by science.

This sort of thing: "6-stage reverse osmosis drinking water filter system with alkaline remineralization and natural pH. NSF certified.”

Have you got all that or are you still wondering what exactly reverse osmosis is? Alkaline is sort of the opposite of acidic, you remember that from school science class, and pH has something to do with levels of acidity too, but what do you actually need in this respect? And then there’s NSF certification: that’s the National Sanitation Foundation – or is it the National Science Foundation? Sounds good, anyway. Very official, and with all the big words in the specification, this system sounds pretty good.

But is it better than a package including a faucet, diverter valve, storage tank, two wrenches, some fittings, water pipe, clips, and a drain clamp?

What about a tankless system? Is that good? And TDS reduction? That means total dissolved solids, but how much TDS reduction is the right amount? And is1514 liters per day fast flow” an impressive number?

If you were buying a car and the salesman was giving you all this sort of spiel, at least you could ask them to explain certain things. Because that’s what we need when we’re buying something: not just information but information we can understand.

Try to buy a reverse osmosis system without an expert’s help and you could end up with something that is either woefully inadequate or far more than you need. Unsuitable, anyhow. And when it’s an expensive acquisition, you can’t afford it get it wrong.

What about installation? Is this something you can do yourself? Messing around with water in the home may not be as potentially deadly as doing your own electrical work but think of the damage you could do. The flooding, the staining, the angry reactions, the recriminations.

The shame, the embarrassment. The money down the drain.

No, this is not something you should attempt unless you really know what you’re doing. And if you did know what you were doing, you would be doing it rather than reading about it.

What you need is a specialist water purification company to send someone out to look at your property, assess what you need, suggest some options both in terms of performance and cost, then allow you to mull it over before bringing the equipment and setting it up for you.

So don’t allow yourself to be swayed by technical terms and how many pieces come in the whole package. Get the full picture in laymen’s terms, or as close as possible, because sometimes the only way of explaining a technical matter is through more technical talk. But at least you can get someone to try to put you in the picture. And then you just have to trust them, like you trust the pilot of a plane you’re flying on, or the guy in the liquor store who recommends a certain wine.

The best reverse osmosis system is the one that is right for you.