How Does a Kinetico Water Softener Work?

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Understanding the Basics: What is Hard Water?

It sounds like a contradiction in terms: how can water be hard? It’s fluid, gentle, endlessly flexible and when you shower with it, it caresses your skin. How can water be described as hard? And how does a Kinetico water softener bring it back to optimal level?

Hard is just a word somebody chose back in the day to describe water that contains elements that can be felt and seen after the current flow has gone. That is when the residue of calcium and magnesium leaves the water itself and sticks to things. It can stick to the inside of your kettle, showing up as a thin crust known as limescale, and if it is there, it will also be in your pipes and your water-using domestic appliances. That means your washing machine is compromised, operating at less than 100% efficiency and potentially vulnerable to breaking down. A Kinetico water softener works by removing the contaminants before they can cause any trouble.

It's the same story with dishwashers – and these domestic appliances don’t come cheap, so you don’t want to let them get damaged and even need replacing. Prevention is better than cure, and a Kinetico water softener works to avoid the problem in advance.

As for human skin, you certainly don’t want any contaminants there. Skin is a wonderfully sensitive organ and that is why it can tell you when all is not well. If you take a bath or a shower you expect your skin to feel absolutely pristine: in other words, you should feel nothing. Just as pure water has no taste, it has no texture and after you have used it to clean your skin, that’s it: the dirt is gone, and your skin is like that of a baby: untouched by the world and its unwanted influences. Skin in its natural state is soft and smooth. If it feels tight or somehow layered, that’s impurities making themselves known.

Where is the Evidence That You Need a Kinetico Water Softener?

The evidence is in the kettle. It’s in the workings of all the machines you use, but the kettle is where it shows most clearly. Take the lid off and look at the heating element. Is that naked metal or is it ceramic coating? Or is it a crust of something? If it’s a crust, that’s all the evidence you need. The prosecution rests its case. A Kinetico water softener works to avoid this and the absence of the evidence proves it is working.

Look on the home chemicals shelves in a supermarket or in the hardware store. Descaling tablets for coffee machines: what’s that all about? It’s about the fact that limescale forms where you might not expect it. When you’re brewing a lovely pot of coffee with your specially-selected beans with all that flavour and richness, all you want in there is H2O, not Ca (Calcium) or Mg (Magnesium). Those are impurities smuggled into your house in the guise of pure water. Get yourself a Kinetico water softener and purity can reign again.