Are Kinetico Water Softeners Worth the Money?

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Are Kinetico Water Softeners Worth the Money?

There are plenty of types of water treatment equipment about, including a variety of filters as well as water softeners. They all have different styles, capacities, features and prices so choosing the one for you can be difficult.

One of the best-known names in the business is Kinetico, which supplies a range of water treatment equipment. So, if you’re wondering ‘Are Kinetico water softeners worth the money?’, there are numerous facts that prove they are.

1. A Reputable Brand

Kinetico began in 1970 and has been developing and supplying water treatment equipment since then. It was formed to give a fresh focus on an industry that was reliant on old designs that didn’t provide what people needed. Since then, it has produced a range of equipment that is known to be reliable, durable, and cost-effective and is backed by an outstanding supply and support network.

2. Innovation

From the outset, Kinetico set out to revolutionize the industry with completely different designs that solved problems such as high energy costs, wasteful regeneration and difficult and costly maintenance. It introduced new concepts such as:

  •  dual tank water softeners rather than single tank versions. When a single tank model is regenerating to clean the resin media and replenish the brine tank, soft water cannot be produced. Dual tank versions overcome this problem and mean soft water is always available without the need to wastefully regenerate unnecessarily at timed intervals.
  •  water treatment equipment driven by the kinetic energy of water rather than electricity. This results in reduced energy costs and regeneration that is determined by volumes processed, which is much more efficient.
  •  soft water regeneration. Water softeners have traditionally used input hard water to flush out minerals and clean the resin media, which is a bit like washing dishes in dirty water. Using soft water not only keeps the equipment cleaner but Kinetico’s process also uses less than half the quantity of water and salt compared to previous methods.

3. American Made

A lot of water treatment equipment is manufactured overseas, with long supply lines, frequent changes of supplier and sometimes difficulty in obtaining parts. Kinetico designs and manufactures everything in the US and has been operating for over fifty years, so you have certainty of supply.

4. Extensive Range

Kinetico doesn’t just offer a single type of water softener but has a large variety to choose from. This ranges from the budget Signature series to the top-of-the-range Premium series and also includes the Essential series which has eco-friendly features and Powerline models that are powered by electricity.

5. Independent Recommendations

Kinetico is a trusted brand that gets many five-star reviews, and all its products are backed by a five-year warranty that demonstrates the company’s faith in them. Companies in its supplier network are not restricted to Kinetico’s products because it has confidence in them choosing to supply the best equipment.

At Aqua Pro Water Systems, we are one of those suppliers and we know that, although Kinetico may be more expensive than some brands, that’s because they’re inferior and won’t provide the consistent, long-term service that Kinetico will. So its Kinetico water softeners are certainly worth the money you invest in them.