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How Long Does a Reverse Osmosis System Last?

All right, let’s put a figure on it. Let’s say 10 to 15 years. But it’s a bit like asking how long a car will last.

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How to Choose a Whole House Water Filtration System?

If you have considered the pros and cons of a whole house water filtration system and concluded that you really do want to go the whole hog with this, that is the major decision made.

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What is a Whole House Water Filtration System?

A whole-house water filtration system purifies the water in this respect before it gets into the house.

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How to Clean a Kinetico Water Softener?

To really understand how to clean a Kinetico water softener it helps to know what exactly “cleaning it” really means.

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How Does a Kinetico Water Softener Work?

A Kinetico water softener works by removing the contaminants before they can cause any trouble.

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Which Water Filtration System is Best for Drinking Water?

We all look for a simple, one-stop solution to life’s little issues, but in many cases, it is not that straightforward.

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What Type of Filtration System is Best for Well Water?

If your water comes from your well, it is your responsibility. And it must be purified just like the supplied stuff does.

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What is the Best Reverse Osmosis System?

You can buy almost anything online these days, but it’s very much a take-it-or-leave-it situation.

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What are Forever Chemicals in Drinking Water?

It’s one of those terms that is so catchy it can only have been dreamed up by a journalist, hoping to make a complicated subject more attractive and understandable to the reader.

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Do Water Softeners Remove PFAS?

The world of water purification is a wide-ranging one and it is easy to confuse one process with another.

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Does Reverse Osmosis Remove PFAS?

Reverse osmosis water filtration is a wonderful thing that has revolutionized the world of water purity.

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Does a Water Softener Filter Water?

The difference between a water softener and a water filtration system is simple: a water softener deals solely with the hardness of a water supply.

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How Does a Commercial Water Softener Work?

Commercial water softener system needs to have sufficient capacity to handle the volume of water required and has to produce pure water constantly and reliably.

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How much is a Filtration System for Well Water?

The cost of a system depends on the type and capacity you need and how long you use it.

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Do I need an Iron Filter and a Water Softener?

Filtering out the iron before softening the water will ensure the water softener works efficiently and your water is pure and soft.

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Are Whole House Water Filtration Systems Worth It?

You can't take risks with the health and well-being of your family. So, in terms of peace of mind alone, a whole house water system is certainly worth it.

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Are Kinetico Water Softeners Worth the Money?

If you're wondering 'Are Kinetico water softeners worth the money', there are numerous facts that prove they are.

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