Air Filtration
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Natural Whole-Home Air Purification System

Experience Fresh Air

AquaProWS Airmaster

Airmaster Benefits


  1. Treats the air for your whole-home, not just one room.
  2. Invisible and silent protection.
  3. Reliable, low-maintenance design – simple replacement of the ultraviolet and ozone bulbs once every two years.
  4. Efficient, safe operation – uses less power than a 60 watt light bulb; the unit operates on safe, low voltage AC power.
  5. Unlike other air purifiers, Qualitair puts no ozone in the living area of your home, it's all consumed in the duct work, leaving pure oxygen as its by-product.
  6. Freshens recirculated air while cooling or heating all year round.
  7. A great addition to air filters and humidifiers. combining-ozone-ultravoilet-technologies

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